Business Consultation Services

There will be a time when your business needs external, professional opinions or assistance for improved management. It could be market information you need, strategy, techniques, or even a skill set that currently doesn’t exist in your business.

Business consulting becomes invaluable in these situations. Through business consulting, you and your team will learn a great deal about business planning and problem-solving. You might even acquire a new skill and grow your knowledge base.

For businesses located in Florida, Kristina Helferty, a Clearwater CPA, drawing from over 20 years’ experience, offers professional and reliable business consulting services.

Kristina Helferty, CPA specializes in three key areas for business consulting:

Business Entity Selection

Of all the choices you make when starting a business, the (legal) structure you decide to operate under – better known as a business entity – is one of the most important. Among other things, the business entity determines how much you pay in taxes, the amount of paperwork you do, your personal liability, and your ability to raise funds. As part of our business consulting services, the offices of Kristina Helferty, CPA, will help you in two key ways:

  • Selecting the right business entity
  • Setting up the entity with the State and IRS

Estate Planning

Discussing what happens to your estate when you pass on is not a luxury. In this fast-paced world, it’s a necessity. Kristina Helferty, CPA’s estate planning services eliminate family miscommunication and ensure your beneficiaries, especially your children, are fully protected. We also ensure heirs are spared of paying heavy taxes characteristic of inherited wealth.

Our managing partner is a Certified Estate Planning Specialist with decades of experience in this field. Additionally, our office works closely with various professionals, including attorneys and financial planners, to ensure that both the estate and heirs are fully protected.

The estate planning services include:

  • Planning for wealth transfer at death
  • Disability planning
  • Evaluation of trust deeds
  • Court accounting for probates
  • Personal representation
  • Consultation with attorneys

Outsourced CFO Services

Operating and managing a business comes with many challenges. Common problems include product pricing, adding new products, cash flow, tight margins, operational inefficiencies, and raising debt/equity capital. Scaling, financial consulting, and financial forecasting are other possible challenges that can throw any business off balance. Having a dedicated finance department, headed by a qualified Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is crucial in these situations.

What if you’re a growing business currently unable to permanently hire a CFO?

That’s where outsourced CFO services come in. At a fraction of the cost, an outsourced CFO will help you with:

  • Financial reporting and risk management
  • Achieving operation efficiency
  • Long-term strategy development
  • Maximizing your resources for profitability
  • Making better business decisions – faster

Our business consulting services now include outsourced CFO services designed to help you take control of your money and make better business decisions.

As your outsourced CFO, Kristina Helferty, CPA will help you with:

  • Accounting systems and internal controls
  • Bookkeeping and accounting direction
  • Cash flow planning and analysis
  • Financial analysis and reporting
  • Bank reconciliations
  • QuickBooks training and support
  • Consultation with external professionals

Get Exceptional Business Consulting Services Today with Kristina Helferty, CPA

The best time to start business consultation services is now, and Kristina Helferty, CPA is ready to help you. Feel free to visit our office at 2715 Cypress Drive, Clearwater, FL 33763. You can also call us at (727) 310-2000 to schedule a no-cost consultation for business consultation services and a variety of other CPA services.