Estate Planning Services

Thinking about what happens to your estate when you pass on is stressful and confusing. Make no mistake, estate planning is one of the most important decisions you can make. Even today, some people still believe only the wealthy or successful business owners need an estate plan.

Having an estate plan is highly beneficial as it will provide your loved ones with a guide as to your final wishes. This includes instructions for passing your values (religious, education, and hard work), what will happen to your material possessions, and who cares for your children.

Thanks to her experience and knowledge, Clearwater CPA, Kristina Helferty now provides accessible estate planning services in Florida. Kristina works with teams of other advisors such as attorneys, certified financial planners and insurance advisors. With the help of these supporting teams, Kristina helps prepare the best estate plan possible.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of setting up a clear set of guidelines on how you want your property and assets managed in the event of your incapacitation or death. It’s primarily designed to protect your family and the people who care about you, as well as your cherished social causes, including charities. It’s important to mention that a Will doesn’t equate to estate planning. An estate plan is part of a larger strategy, which includes guidance for:

  • Tax planning
  • Trust provisions
  • Probate avoidance
  • Disability medication
  • Designating IRA beneficiaries

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Every individual would benefit from estate planning services, regardless of the value of your properties or the existence of beneficiaries. Of course, planning becomes even more important if you have a family and loved ones. For people with a smaller asset base, the process can help you designate beneficiaries, distribute your assets, and plan debt repayment. High-net individuals, meanwhile, are able to preserve their assets and minimize taxes.

Benefits of Estate Planning

  • Protects your beneficiaries
  • Protects minors
  • Spares heirs a big tax bite
  • Eliminates family conflict

What happens if you don’t have an estate plan

You may be tempted to avoid or put-off estate planning because you think you’re not rich enough, old enough, or perhaps because you feel there’s still plenty of time. However, this can cause issues related to:

  • Disability: If your name is not on the title of your assets and you become incapacitated due to a physical or mental injury, the court, not your family, will control the management of your assets.
  • Death: Your assets will be distributed according to your state’s probate laws, without caring for your wishes or whom you’d have wanted to make decisions on your behalf.

Our Estate Planning Services

Kristina Helferty, CPA is a Certified Estate Planning Specialist with decades of experience in this area to offer the best estate planning services in Clearwater, Florida. Our office also engages respected professionals such as attorneys, insurance advisors and certified financial planners, to help our clients make the best decision. Our services include:

  • Planning to achieve financial goals
  • Planning for disabilities
  • Wealth transfer at death
  • Evaluation of trust needs
  • Personal representation
  • Court accounting for probate and guardianship
  • Consultation with attorneys

Contact Kristina Helferty, CPA for Estate Planning Services in Clearwater, Florida

When a loved one becomes incompetent or passes away, the last thing you need to worry about is taxes. The best time to ensure that you have everything in place for your estate plan is now, and Kristina Helferty, CPA is ready to help you. Feel free to visit our office at 2715 Cypress Drive, Clearwater, FL 33763. You can also call us at (727) 310-2000 to schedule a no-cost consultation for estate planning services and a variety of other CPA services.