Tax Planning & Preparation

Strategic tax planning and preparation is highly beneficial for you and your business. You’re guaranteed a reduced bill for income tax, wealth tax, capital gains, and other taxes on your wealth, savings, investments, assets, and pensions.

Proper tax planning also maximizes your real returns and provides increased estate flexibility when you pass on.

Kristina Helferty, CPA will assist you with tax planning and preparation services. Our tax planning services will help you check existing taxes along with financials to develop a tax plan that will work for you, your family, and your business.

About Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning?

In the simplest terms, tax planning refers to managing a taxpayer’s financial situation to minimize their tax burden at the local, state, and federal levels, both in the short and long-term.

In the short-term, tax planning can be as simple as maximizing the client’s withholding to decrease tax penalties, or as complex as planning capital liquidation. More long-term solutions include discussing the client’s long-term goals and working with both the client and their family to capitalize on increased estate tax exemption.

Who needs tax planning?

Everybody! All small to medium sized businesses who hold small extensive investments like securities and real estate.

Benefits of Tax Planning

  • Reduce the amount of tax you and your business pay
  • Reinvest funds that would’ve otherwise been earmarked for taxes
  • Allows you to fine-tune your strategies to maximize profitability
  • Gives you a head-start and saves you from making rushed decisions
  • Utilize recent federal budget changes for the best possible tax outcome

About Tax Preparation

What is tax preparation?

Tax preparation is the process of preparing and filing tax returns (usually income tax returns). The IRS says that about 80% of taxpayers engage professional tax preparers to file their taxes.

It’s a daunting process. You need to provide several tax documents, with W-2s, 1099s, mortgage interest statements, and investment income statements some of the most vital. You’ll need to provide even more documents if you’re married, including Forms 8822, SS-5, and W-4s. Above all, the taxes must be filed by a given deadline.

These challenges often make the tax preparation process a little challenging. That’s where professional tax preparers come in handy.

Who needs professional tax preparation?

You should consider professional tax preparation if you’re short on time, overwhelmed by the thought of preparing your own taxes, or don’t feel confident in your understanding of tax processes.

Benefits of professional tax preparation

  • Reduced risk of errors, leading to a reduced audit risk
  • Assistance with audits (if the IRS demands one)
  • Save money by identifying opportunities for deductions
  • Save time and enjoy greater peace of mind

Our Tax Planning Services

Clearwater CPA, Kristina Helferty, drawing from 25 years of experience in multiple industries, including real estate and retail, offers reliable tax planning services for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits.

The services include:

  • Federal, state, and local tax returns
  • Income tax planning
  • Estate and fiduciary tax returns
  • Corporate, individual, and estate tax planning
  • Business sales/acquisitions
  • Representation before the IRS

Contact Kristina Helferty, CPA for Tax Planning & Preparation Services in Clearwater, Florida

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